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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jersey Shore - Looking for Love

The relationships formed on the show Jersey Shore are about as far from perfect as they can get for a number of reasons. Mike sleeping with everything that breathes, Snooki drinking literally all day long, and Sammi being as clingy as humanly possible represent just a few. The cast of Jersey Shore has a hard time finding true love, love that lasts, love that is both self sacrificing and eternal. Fortunately, on last Thursday’s episode one of the characters made a surprisingly profound statement about one struggle that many of us, especially women, often go through when searching for love.

“Do you want me to be blatantly honest? You need to find love and you’ll try to find it in anyone, and like you’ll make guys that aren’t good enough for you good enough for you, you set yourself up for disaster”(-JWOWW to Snooki)

Let’s be honest, everyone is looking for love in one way or another. This is not a bad thing, it’s totally natural. As most people are called to the vocation of marriage, it is only natural for us humans to seek out someone that we can share life with. However, a problem arises when during the search for love we become so desperate to find love that we start to “settle.” This is exactly what JWOWW is telling

Snooki. Snooki wants someone to love her so badly that she compromises herself, settling for “juicehead gorillas” when she should be looking for a good man who will treat her right, not use and abuse her. The thing is as long as she keeps setting her standards so low she will not find true love, she won’t be able to find a guy who will love and respect her.

When we enter into a romantic relationship with another person, we give that person a part of ourselves. We slowly start to make ourselves a gift to that person, letting them into the depths of our hearts. This is why we must hold our relationships to the highest standards and not simply settle for whatever comes along. Think about your own relationships, do you expect your boyfriend/girlfriend to treat you with the dignity that God blessed you with, or do you find yourself settling for guys/girls who really aren’t good enough for you like Snooki? God made you beautiful, with a special dignity that the rest of creation doesn’t have. Any person who won’t recognize that in you has no business being in a romantic relationship with you. If you want a man/woman who will truly love you and treat you right, why settle for any less?

“Lord Jesus, you created us as beings called to love. Help us to keep our relationships pure. Help us to never forget the dignity you blessed all humanity with, and to never take it for granted. Help us to know that we don’t have to sacrifice that dignity to find a suitable relationship, but that if we have patience and trust in your eternal love you will lead us to true happiness.”

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